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From the First Cell Phone Call in 1973 to Artificial Intelligence Killing the Smartphone: The History and Future of Cell Phones

Today on Daily Cell Phones we are taking a look at the history of cell phones from the first cell phone call to today, as well as the future. Today is an important day in history. The first cell phone call was made on a New York City street in 1973. The story behind the development… Read More »

Daily Cell Phone News: The All Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone Edition, Galaxy S8 Unboxing

We’ve been posting about the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone a lot lately. Why? Simple – this is the hottest cell phone news on social media, the web, AND traditional news today (and many previous days as well). After issues with safety, Samsung is not emphasizing that topic with its newest smartphone release. We met the… Read More »

Daily Cell Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7

If you watched the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend, your undoubtedly already familiar with the Samsung Galaxy S7 since it was the star of the memorable commercial that featured rapper Lil Wayne. Why memorable? Probably because it included Wayne continuously pouring champaign on his S7 and being astounded that it still worked; that’s right,… Read More »

Cell Phones Have Taken Over Our Lives, Cause Cancer, Verizon Owes You Money

Daily Cell Phone News Roundup for May 13, 2015: 1. 15+ Cartoons Illustrating Exactly How Cell Phones Have Taken Over Our Lives – is cell phone addiction real? Via Brainjet- How Cell Phones Have Taken Over Our Lives 2. Berkeley Says Cell Phones Cause Tumors- Over at the Daily Beast, Dr. Anand Veeravagu, MD shares… Read More »