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From the First Cell Phone Call in 1973 to Artificial Intelligence Killing the Smartphone: The History and Future of Cell Phones

Today on Daily Cell Phones we are taking a look at the history of cell phones from the first cell phone call to today, as well as the future. Today is an important day in history. The first cell phone call was made on a New York City street in 1973. The story behind the development… Read More »

Daily Cell Phone News: The All Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone Edition, Galaxy S8 Unboxing

We’ve been posting about the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone a lot lately. Why? Simple – this is the hottest cell phone news on social media, the web, AND traditional news today (and many previous days as well). After issues with safety, Samsung is not emphasizing that topic with its newest smartphone release. We met the… Read More »

How to Afford the Galaxy S8, Can Cell Phone Data Identify Depression?

Once again, the Samsung Galaxy S8 dominates today’s cell phone news. The S8 made an appearance on our daily smartphone blog yesterday, too. In case you missed that: Daily Smartphone News: Galaxy S8 first smartphone capable of gigabit LTE speeds Today, we are going to talk about how to get this new smartphone, even if you… Read More »

Top Stories On Social Media Today: Android Tips, Samsung Phone Safety, Facebook Cell Phones

The Latest Cell Phone News Found Today: As always, is bringing you the top cell phone related stories found on social media today, as well as some very useful Android tips. We’ve got some updates on Samsung phones and safety, and tips for using Android phone dialer, too. Learn about a new phone scam… Read More »

Daily Smartphone News: Hack Proof Your Smartphone, New Nokia 3310, Smartphone Boom

Here’s our daily roundup of the top smartphone news found on the web, curated from smartphone social media accounts and top cell phone industry articles: 12 ways to hack-proof your smartphone We’ve posted before about cell phone security – if sound waves can hack all your smart devices, it’s important to be vigilant with your… Read More »

Cell Phone News Roundup: Productivity Hacks, Security Troubleshooting

Daily Cell Phone News: Here’s a roundup of the top cell phone news stories found on social media today! Is Your Cell Phone a Target for Hackers? It may be and you don’t even know it. According to an article on, researchers say that cell phones can easily be hacked with sound waves! How… Read More »

T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile Offering Prepaid Facebook Plans

Prepaid phone plans are becoming a leading choice for wireless consumers and the T-Mobile operated “GoSmart Mobile” is giving customers another enticing option with their new entry-level plan that will include unlimited LTE access to Facebook. This is a very smart option for the company to offer, because after all, just imagine how much phone… Read More »

The FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million for Misleading Customers

If you’re an AT&T customer and have felt like your “unlimited plan” was actually limited or that your data speed really wasn’t what it should be, there may be something behind your train of thought because the FCC has fined the company an astounding $100 million for what they call “throttling policies” and misleading customers.… Read More »

Rolling Data Announced for Sprint Prepaid Customers

It’s been a great week for mobile customers who want options when it comes to their phone plan (see our Verizon Edge and AT&T Next posts) and now Sprint is jumping on the bandwagon with a perk for their prepaid customers that aims to outdo the competition when it comes to prepaid data. Sprint has announced that prepaid… Read More »