Nokia 3310 Might Be the Perfect Smartphone, AMD Low-Power Processor, 10 Things the Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Do that the iPhone Can’t

By | April 1, 2017

The new Nokia 3310 is the perfect smartphone, at least according to one reviewer. AMD has announced a new low-power processor for smartphones and other devices. You didn’t think we could go a day without a Samsung Galaxy S8 story, did you? We’ve got a list of features the new S8 has that you won’t find on an iPhone. Here are the top smartphone stories on social media today. As always, Daily Cell Phones brings you the top wireless industry news every day. Here is our roundup of the top smartphone news for April 1, 2017. No April Fools jokes here, we promise! You’ll want to read this whole post and visit each source for the full story.

Nokia 3310 Review: The Perfect Smartphone?!

“Turns out the Nokia 3310 = the perfect smartphone. I swear.” – Marques Brownlee on Youtube. You’ll really want to watch his full review to see everything Marques has to say about the Nokia 3310, as well as why it might just be the perfect smartphone. After you watch the Nokia 3310 review, subscribe to his Youtube channel, too.

AMD announces low-power processor for tablet, smartphone markets

We have some smartphone related news from Joel Hruska at today, also. As always, read the full story below in addition to our cell phone news roundup blurbs. Fans of Ryzen have given it great reviews on desktop but they’ve been wondering when it will come to smartphones and tablets. The wait is over with AMD bringing it to mobile devices, too:

AMD announces low-power processor for tablet, smartphone markets

galaxy s8 versus iphone features

10 things the Samsung Galaxy S8 can do that the iPhone can’t

You’ve heard all about the Galaxy S8 by now. It seems like we write about the Samsung Galaxy S8 just about every day. You’re probably tired of it, too. Well, we hope now. Because there is more coming. We’ll probably post on it tomorrow also! For now, check out these features that the S8 has but the iPhone doesn’t:


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