Daily Cell Phone News: The All Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone Edition, Galaxy S8 Unboxing

By | March 31, 2017

We’ve been posting about the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone a lot lately. Why? Simple – this is the hottest cell phone news on social media, the web, AND traditional news today (and many previous days as well). After issues with safety, Samsung is not emphasizing that topic with its newest smartphone release. We met the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone two days ago. Yesterday, we told you how to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 if you can’t afford it, with Samsung Galaxy S8 deals and financing options from the major carriers.

Today’s news? Samsung brings you the Galaxy S8 unboxing, how to make your phone look like a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, the launch of the foldable smartphone, and how Apple and Samsung are fighting over smartphone users, as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Unbox Your Phone

“Introducing the Galaxy S8. With an infinity screen that gives you less to hold, and infinitely more to see.” From the Samsung Mobile USA Youtube channel.

How to make your phone look like a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone

Want to make your smartphone look like a Galaxy S8? Check out this article over at AndroidCentral.com – What are your thoughts?

Samsung, Apple Intensify Battle for Smartphone Users

Smartphone users rarely switch from Apple to Android or vice versa. But that’s starting to change, with Samsung and Apple in competition. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, will iPhone users switch to Android phones? The Wall Street Journal has more on the smartphone wars.

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone is launching sooner than you think

foldable samsung galaxy s8 smartphone

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 release, what’s next in the world of Samsung smartphones? One clue: it’s not the Samsung Note 8, at least that’s not what this last article is about. The foldable Samsung smartphone is one step closer. Read that article for more details and rumors, too.

Well, those are the top cell phone news stories on social media today. Let us know what you think about the Galaxy S8 or any other phone topics here in the comments or hit up any of the Daily Cell Phones social media accounts, also.

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