Daily Smartphone News: Meet the Samsung Galaxy S8, Qualcomm Vision, Phone Glass

By | March 29, 2017

Social media is filled with smartphone news today! Read our daily smartphone news roundup to learn about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and an interesting look at Qualcomm, too. These are the leading smartphone news stories on social media in the past twenty four hours. Check out our daily smartphone news and also some special cell phone offers below:

samsung galaxy s8

Daily Smartphone News: Galaxy S8 first smartphone capable of gigabit LTE speeds

From circuit breaker at The Verge, Chaim Gartenberg has some more information on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 release dominated daily cell phone news today.  The writers at The Verge have done a thorough job covering this story. You should really read their article if you want to be informed, too. One of the most notable features is the speed. Qualcomm previously announced a chipset capable of gigabit speeds and Samsung has joined in the fun, too.

Qualcomm Wants Your Smartphone to Have Energy-Efficient Eyes

daily smartphone news

Speaking of Qualcomm, they made our daily smartphone news list, also. To really get the full gist of this development, you need to read the full article over at MIT Technology Review. Qualcomm is developing something called Glance. While things are still taking shape, this technology combines a lens, image sensor, as well as a computer processor that runs computer-vision algorithms. As the article mentions, Qualcomm features expertise in lower-power computing. The hardware development has potential for smartphone security features, too.


Think hard before buying an all-glass, bezel-free smartphone

Here’s another story from The Verge. These guys are good! If you don’t read The Verge on a daily basis, you really should. The last story from our daily smartphone news roundup is about all-glass smartphones. Should you think twice before you buy one? A lot of people take great care of their phones, but you see a lot of smartphone users typing away on broken screens, too! You owe yourself to be informed. Read what Vlad Savov has to say.


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