Cell Phone News Roundup: Productivity Hacks, Security Troubleshooting

By | March 26, 2017

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Is Your Cell Phone a Target for Hackers?

It may be and you don’t even know it. According to an article on NewsTarget.com, researchers say that cell phones can easily be hacked with sound waves! How does it work? You should read this article for more info, but what researchers from the University of Michigan and University of South Carolina have found will astound you! Don’t think that these computer security findings only apply to smartphones, either. You know how everything is connected now? Many of us have fitness trackers like Fitbit and other “smart” devices these days. The same security cautions that apply to our smartphones apply to all of these other devices.

With machines “taking over the world” this bit of cell phone news also applies to appliances you may not think of like refrigerators that use smart technology! Head on over to News Target for more on the security implications of these findings.

Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Productivity At Work?

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We all use our cell phones for work, right? And we tend to think of that as a GOOD thing! We’ve got all those productivity apps right in the palm of our hand. We can access pretty much anything we need on our phones, and if we’re doing it right it makes life much easier. But what if our cell phones aren’t the business productivity machines we think they are? There’s an interesting article on Forbes.com that presents this idea. We think you should read the full article to see what the author has to say.

What I find most interesting about this article is how cell phones might affect our mental health and hormone responses. When we are using our phone apps to try to get things done, we usually don’t think of the health costs of our smartphone behavior. Maybe we would be more productive without these spikes.

Kaytie Zimmerman is an author at Forbes who gives advice for millennials. You can read her article here and see her profile for her full bio and all of her articles.

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