Top Stories On Social Media Today: Android Tips, Samsung Phone Safety, Facebook Cell Phones

By | March 28, 2017

The Latest Cell Phone News Found Today:

As always, is bringing you the top cell phone related stories found on social media today, as well as some very useful Android tips. We’ve got some updates on Samsung phones and safety, and tips for using Android phone dialer, too. Learn about a new phone scam from the FCC, as well as whether your cell phone has a Facebook name.

android tips

Android tips: 6 ways to maximize the Android phone dialer

If you are an Android user looking for phone dialer tips, this might be the most useful article of the day. You need Android Tips? We’ve got your Android tips right here. Well, actually Ben Patterson has your Android tips for getting the most out of Android phone dialer. Read his article at PCWorld and tell them Daily Cell Phones sent ya. Learn how to rearrange speed-dial contacts, get phone numbers for nearby businesses, duck spam calls, and more. 

Facebook cell phone name

Does your cell phone have a Facebook name?

In one of the stranger cell phone related stories going around the news, as well as social media, many Facebook users are claiming that your cell phone has a Facebook name. How do you find out your Facebook cell phone name? There’s supposedly some code you can write in a Facebook status update that will reveal your cell phone’s name and freak out your friends, too.  Is this a real thing or just nonsense? We could tell you the full story, but this author did a great job explaining things. Therefore, you should really check out this article at “That’s Nonsense.”

FCC phone scams

FCC warns consumers about new ‘Yes’ phone scam

This isn’t specifically cell phone news, but it is. After all, most people use cell phones these days. Therefore, phone news is cell phone news by default. Plus, it’s just important to know for safety reasons, too. Have you heard of the ‘yes’ phone scam? Me neither, but you should read all about what the FCC has to say about it.

Samsung phone launch

With new phone due, Samsung dials down on safety message

You may have heard that Samsung had some safety issues with its phones. Does that mean that Samsung is going to emphasize the safety of new phones scheduled to launch tomorrow? Of course not. Reuters has more on why Samsung is dialing down the safety message.

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