Lifeline Program News – Bill Attempting to Limit Program Fails to Pass the House

By | June 26, 2016

Lifeline Program ExpansionGood news for anyone that participates or is hoping to participate in the Lifeline Free Government Phone Program – a bill that would have limited the Lifeline Program and restored it to its original plan that only subsidized landline phone services for low-income families has failed to pass the House.

As we reported here just a few months ago, the Lifeline Program expanded to include broadband Internet access for  low-income families on their home computers and mobile devices – a move that obviously helps these families not only better communicate with family, but also helps them search for jobs and hopefully improve their situation.  The proposed bill would have seen these families only receive the most basic communication with a landline phone, so it’s good to see it did not pass and will not prevent the Lifeline Program expansion.

In the full report from Bloomberg details the lack of votes as the reason the bill did not pass as well as the many limitations that the proposed bill would have imposed on the Lifeline Program.  It seems as though some people simply don’t see how assistance that gives low-income families the ability to communicate using today’s methods and not those from 20 years ago can be a real game changer in their lives.

Be sure to check our site for updates new on the Lifeline Program and information how you can participate in the program in your state.

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