Cell Phone News: ATT GoPhone Prepaid Adds More Data to Plans

By | May 26, 2016

ATT GoPhone PrepaidGood news for ATT GoPhone prepaid users as the company has decided to add more data to every plan, regardless of your price point.  The $45 plan will go from 2 GB of LTE data each month to 3 GB, and the $60 plan will jump from 5 GB each month to 6 GB. AT&T even sweetens this deal a little more by offering a $5 service credit each month if you enroll in auto-pay.

Whether it’s a prepaid or traditional contract style phone, one thing is for sure these days – data is the driving force behind cell phone use.  Whether it’s spending hours on social media or streaming movies, TV, and games, data is what makes the cell phone world go round and not having enough of it simply isn’t an option.

Now that prepaid is such a popular choice when it comes to phones, it makes sense that AT&T would stay competitive and make sure their prepaid customers are getting what they want from their service.  Sometimes paying the big costs for a smartphone and a regular contract bills with a huge data plan just isn’t possible, so plans like the ATT GoPhone prepaid plan work since “pay as you go” just works better for some people.

So GoPhone users or potential users, what do you think of this addition to the GoPhone data plans?  Is it enough for you?  Do you think there are any better current prepaid phone options out there? There are definitely some current offers out there that make you have to really research what is best for your cell phone budget.

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