Samsung Lets iPhone Users Test Their Devices for a Dollar

By | August 26, 2015

woman-testing-phoneThe ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple devices is raging on and Samsung is taking a more direct approach than ever – Samsung wants to prove that their devices are superior to Apple’s by allowing iPhone users to test out their products for a full month for just one dollar.

In the past few years, getting a cell phone usually meant contracts, deposits, and multiple other complications; Samsung is making it pretty easy to try out one of their devices (they’re offering a choice between the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6 Edge, or S6 Edge+) for barely any cost at all.  Of course you can’t send the thing back completely destroyed, but that should pretty be common sense at this point.

So to take part in this promotion, iPhone users can sign up using their current iPhone, choose the device they want to test drive, and Samsung will send it along with an active SIM card.  Customers can send it back after 30 days, or keep it and make the big switch.  Full information on the Samsung Ultimate Test Drive can be found here.


Samsung has announced that due to overwhelming demand, they are temporarily out of test drive phones.  The Samsung Ultimate Test Drive promotion has to be considered a huge success already due to the demand, and Samsung has instructed those who are still interested to keep checking the page above for updates.

Also, we have a new blog post about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Black for AT&T, and we have added details on how to order the Galaxy S5 to our new Daily Cell Phone Specials section.

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