The FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million for Misleading Customers

By | June 18, 2015

FCC Fines AT&TIf you’re an AT&T customer and have felt like your “unlimited plan” was actually limited or that your data speed really wasn’t what it should be, there may be something behind your train of thought because the FCC has fined the company an astounding $100 million for what they call “throttling policies” and misleading customers.

Basically the FCC claims when you choose an unlimited data plan with AT&T, the company actually does have limits and throttles the speed of customers that exceed them. The FCC even points out that AT&T’s “Maximum Bit Rate Policy” that was enacted in 2011 reduced data speeds without notifying customers.

The fact that the FCC has received thousands of complaints over the years from consumers who felt they were wrongfully locked into multi-year contracts with unlimited data plans that really weren’t unlimited was enough to make them take action.

So where does the matter go from here?  Will the $100 million fine be the only repercussion AT&T sees or will they owe anything back to the mislead customers?  Sounds like a class action lawsuit in the making!

Are you a current or former AT&T customer that feels you were a victim of the company’s misleading policies?  We want to hear your story and how you feel AT&T can make this right or if it makes you want to drop the carrier completely? You can read the official press release here: FCC Fines AT&T

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