New Videos Claim the Galaxy S6 Edge Beats the iPhone 6

By | June 5, 2015

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Edge

It seems like not that long ago, if you weren’t an owner of an Apple iPhone then you simply just weren’t cool; as we all know, times change, cool factors change, and of course technology continues to change.  These days there are plenty of companies that produce smartphones that are on the level or maybe even beyond the level of the iPhone, and now Samsung is boldly claiming that their Galaxy S6 Edge is better than the iPhone 6 and they’re backing up their claim in video form.

Smartphones today can pretty much do the same things as far as running apps and such, so Samsung is actually promoting a physical feature of its Galaxy S6 Edge…it’s edge.

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We first came across the videos below on and as the pointed out, Samsung is basically mocking the iPhone 6 when it comes to comparing the 2 phones. Samsung shows off the actual edge of the S6 Edge and points out its numerous functions as where the iPhone 6’s edge does nothing at all.  The Galaxy S6 Edge’s….edge, has some bells and whistles like illuminating a chosen color when of your top contacts are calling and an info bar that can show a Twitter feed, text messages, news, etc.

But the bells and whistles of the flashy edge on the S6 Edge aren’t Samsung’s only selling points; serious features such as built-in wireless charging and especially the wide-angle camera are 2 areas that may be crucial factors for many when it comes to deciding if the Galaxy S6 Edge beats the iPhone 6.

Is the flash of the Galaxy S6 Edge enough for you?  Are the wide camera and wireless charging what really makes all the difference?  Or are you Apple for life and trust that the company will outdo the competition with their next iPhone?  Check out the videos below and let us know where you think things stand:

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