AT&T Next Announces New 30% Down Option

By | June 2, 2015

New AT&T Next OptionRecently we reported on changes to Verizon’s Edge program which allows customers to pay off the cost of their devices over time; now AT&T’s similar “Next” program has announced another option for customers that choose to pay for their device over time instead of paying up front.

Under this new AT&T Next option, customers can pay 30% down at the time of purchase and finance the rest over a period of 28 months. The big factor that may make this plan attractive to many is that the customer can upgrade to a new device after only 12 payments on their device – hence this option will be known as “AT&T Next 12 with Down Payment.”

If this new 30% down option isn’t for you, the previous Next options are still available and no down payment is required; word is that this new 30% down plan is designed for customers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for AT&T Next.

Sounds like a smart move by AT&T to create yet another option for those who can’t afford to pay in the $5-600 dollar range for a new smartphone; with more and more of these type of plans that allow customers to pay for their devices over time, are we seeing a movement toward a new and easier way of upgrading cell phones?  With an average of around $150 to $200 due instead of the regular full charge, we feel like this will be a very attractive offer for both current and prospective ATT customers.

For full details visit the official AT&T Next page.

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