Monthly Archives: June 2015

T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile Offering Prepaid Facebook Plans

Prepaid phone plans are becoming a leading choice for wireless consumers and the T-Mobile operated “GoSmart Mobile” is giving customers another enticing option with their new entry-level plan that will include unlimited LTE access to Facebook. This is a very smart option for the company to offer, because after all, just imagine how much phone… Read More »

The FCC Fines AT&T $100 Million for Misleading Customers

If you’re an AT&T customer and have felt like your “unlimited plan” was actually limited or that your data speed really wasn’t what it should be, there may be something behind your train of thought because the FCC has fined the company an astounding $100 million for what they call “throttling policies” and misleading customers.… Read More »

New Videos Claim the Galaxy S6 Edge Beats the iPhone 6

It seems like not that long ago, if you weren’t an owner of an Apple iPhone then you simply just weren’t cool; as we all know, times change, cool factors change, and of course technology continues to change.  These days there are plenty of companies that produce smartphones that are on the level or maybe… Read More »

Rolling Data Announced for Sprint Prepaid Customers

It’s been a great week for mobile customers who want options when it comes to their phone plan (see our Verizon Edge and AT&T Next posts) and now Sprint is jumping on the bandwagon with a perk for their prepaid customers that aims to outdo the competition when it comes to prepaid data. Sprint has announced that prepaid… Read More »

AT&T Next Announces New 30% Down Option

Recently we reported on changes to Verizon’s Edge program which allows customers to pay off the cost of their devices over time; now AT&T’s similar “Next” program has announced another option for customers that choose to pay for their device over time instead of paying up front. Under this new AT&T Next option, customers can pay 30% down… Read More »