Cell Phones Have Taken Over Our Lives, Cause Cancer, Verizon Owes You Money

By | May 14, 2015
Cell Phone Addiction

Have Cell Phones Taken Over Our Lives?

Daily Cell Phone News Roundup for May 13, 2015:

1. 15+ Cartoons Illustrating Exactly How Cell Phones Have Taken Over Our Lives – is cell phone addiction real?

Via Brainjet- How Cell Phones Have Taken Over Our Lives

2. Berkeley Says Cell Phones Cause Tumors-

Over at the Daily Beast, Dr. Anand Veeravagu, MD shares news of Berkeley, California passing an ordinance requiring cell phone retailers to add a radiation warning label to their products.

3. Sprint, Verizon reach $158M “cramming” settlement- Missouri, Arkansas customers can receive portion of money-

James Holmes at KY 3 News brings details of the $158M Verizon and Sprint settlement.

4. Attention Sprint, Verizon customers: You may be eligible for a refund-

Bailey O’Neal at Fox 21 News has more on getting your money back from Verizon and Sprint.

5. 3 Ways to Find a Lost Cell Phone from WikiHow-

If you ever have trouble finding your cell phone, you might want to check out these easy tips on finding a lost cell phone.

6. 20 Signs You Might Actually Be Addicted to Your Phone, According to Science-

Do you have “Nomophobia”? Women’s Health thinks you do! Find out here why “science” says you may be addicted to your cell phone.

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