AT&T Makes Deal to Offer Hulu to its Customers

By | May 14, 2015

AT&T HuluDemand is at an all time high for viewers to watch their favorite movies along with current and classic TV shows anywhere and on any device; in light of this AT&T has issued a press release announcing a deal with online video service Hulu to incorporate the service into ATT’s offerings to its customers.

What does this mean exactly?  AT&T customers will be able to access select content from Hulu directly on both the AT&T website as well as their app.  Customers will be able to browse everything available on Hulu and view a selection of free content directly, and will be directly linked to the site if they view choose to view subscription content.

While some may feel like a selection of free Hulu content isn’t enough to make them want to be an AT&T customer, it’s what other possibilities lie ahead with this partnership that might really makes things interesting.  AT&T claims they will also explore the possibility of bringing a Hulu app to smart TVs which could really be a game changer.  AT&T could also offer Hulu subscription as part of their U-Verse TV packages as well, which may make their service stand out from other cable companies.

The AT&T and Hulu initial offerings will be available later this year; do you feel like it will be enough to make you view AT&T as the better phone service, or will it take more such as the development of a Hulu app to make you switch/stay with ATT?

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