Black Friday Cell Phone Deals: Up to 90% Off at Amazon

By | November 21, 2014

Black Friday Cell Phone DealsBlack Friday is just around the corner and from the looks of things, the red hot deals are going to be better than ever!  Thankfully going out at 5 AM (or earlier) and battling near riots with thousands of people isn’t the only way to shop for Black Friday deals anymore; as a matter of fact staying at home and getting the same deals or even better while shopping online can be a much more appealing idea. Amazon has offered some of the best Black Friday cell phone deals anywhere in the last few years, and this year they’re aiming to offer more staggeringly awesome deals than ever.

When it comes to cell phones and accessories, Amazon has literally HUNDREDS of Black Friday cell phone deals including accessories – some of which are up to 90%, yes 90% off! Be sure to pick up iPhone screen protectors, Samsung phone batteries, and SanDisk memory cards and MUCH more on the Amazon 90% off sale page.

But that’s not all – Amazon has various deals ranging from 10% to 90% on thousands of phones and accessories. You can even find great deals on unlocked phones like the Samsung Galaxy and Motorola Moto G at this page.

To top it all off, for those of you that are shopping for a new plan to go with your phone, you are in luck because Amazon is offering select phones for a PENNY when you sign up for a new plan!  You can select your carrier and browse the huge selection of phones that are available for a penny here.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday Cell Phone Deals: Up to 90% Off at Amazon

    1. dailycellphones Post author

      Actually there are plenty of items for 90% off, just click the link above and you’ll see hundreds of cases, batteries, chargers etc. at 90% or more off. You might want to check again.


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