Monthly Archives: November 2014

Free Government Cell Phones: Lifeline for Low Income Americans

The government’s Lifeline Assistance Program gives out free government cell phones and monthly service — at no charge — to Americans in need of financial help. You may have heard this program derisively called “Obamaphone” in the media, but the fact is these services have been around a long time. To clear up some myths about… Read More »

Verizon Connection Day Offers Free Stuff for Everyone (Including Non-Subscribers!)

It’s Black Friday week and retailers and customers alike are ramping up for the greatest shopping deals of the year; with all the craziness that’s going on out there, Verizon is actually doing something pretty amazing that doesn’t involve buying anything – they’re giving away all kinds of digital freebies to everyone…that includes non-Verizon customers! So what kind… Read More »

The Case That Turns Your Smartphone into a Polaroid Camera!

It’s funny that the more technology keeps on advancing, the more things from the past are becoming “cool” again; such is the case with these new phone cases by startup company “Prynt” that turn your smartphone into an old favorite….a Polaroid camera. Polaroid cameras became almost laughable over the years being the quality was far… Read More »

The Amazon Fire Phone for Free

It has been a few months since Amazon released the Fire Phone smartphone on AT&T Wireless. From many indications, the launch of the Amazon fire has not been a smashing success. For example, see this Time article “4 Reasons Amazon’s Fire Phone Was a Flop,” which claims Amazon is stuck with $83 million of unsold… Read More »